This powder wrapping contains Alginate (a polymer that stems from algae) and a Calcium salt. On contact with water, Alginate and Calcium salt will produce a chemical reaction to form a plastifying film which can be removed without rinsing.

The powder is enriched with the brown algae Laminaria Digitata rich in iodine and zinc.It also contains Spirulina, a blue algae naturally rich in provitamin A, the precursor of vitamin A, which increases the division of the basal cells of the skin and stimulates the synthesis of the elastic fibres by the fibroblasts.

Also rich in protein, Spirulina nourishes the skin.

Recommendation for use:

Mix energetically and fairly quickly (40 to 50 seconds) using a spatula, 3 doses of powder with 4 doses to 4 ¼ doses of water at room temperature to obtain a smooth paste of even consistency. Apply the paste immediately on the back of the legs from the ankles up to the hips in an even layer 0.5 cm thick. It is advisable to work on a wrapping sheet. Then prepare another paste in the same proportions as before. Ask the client to turn over on to her back and apply the paste in the same way on the front of the legs from the ankles to the hips. Leave on for about fifteen minutes so that the wrapping is plastified and then peel it off by hand. It is not necessary to take a shower afterwards.